Love of Life

Adventures in Consciousness

Adventures in Consciousness


Dr. Cristina Corban

Dr. Cristina Corban

iRreverent Counselor

Healer, empath, business and sales wiz

a tad irreverent 

Michael Orgera

Michael Orgera

There for you

Kindest soul, magical hands, artist of life

Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner

Reiki Master and Practitioner, Access Consciousness® Bars and Energetic Facelift®Practitioners, Intuitive Healers and Joy Enhancers

Active online is mostly Cristina. If you’d like to get some Michael magic, call him at (503) 890-7030

OH, those 2 pictures… taken the year we met, in 2013! I’ll fix the sizes soon… let me enjoy the view for now



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