For a price better than expected – True Story


The car wasn’t mine, but my husbands. A pretty orange HHR.

He had it before we knew each other… he had it since she was 17 miles old and now she was 170,000… He didn’t drive her anymore… I didn’t drive her, either. I got a different car and dealership offered us $1,000 for the orange HHR. He could not let her go for that kind of money.


She was just sitting in the garage, with her new tires, new brakes and all the little things that made her a pretty car, regardless of the two dings that spoiled her paint on each side…


Michael was just not that into letting her go. So many miles, so many lifetimes  … always there, always reliable.

He knew he has to sell it… so I asked him if he would venture into exploring his relationship with the car…. If he was willing to see the car as an entity, with an essence, an entity he can communicate with. Michael never ceases to amaze me with his open mind and ease with which he grasps an idea. We explored the possibility of him getting answers beyond his mind, straight from his awareness.


Awareness is always there, like a feather touch, giving you the answer almost at the same time with the question. But then, the mind comes in, past experiences come in, mother, father, and grandparents all come in and give you the “good” answer… and they are all louder than YOUR awareness.

I took Michael in a little exercise to recognize his own truth and to clear the voices, expectations and all the stories that kept him holding onto the orange HHR.


Now he was prepared to “hear” her… and she did want to own someone else! Michael was surprised at the lightness he felt about selling the pretty orange HHR! We did some energy pulls for the most expansive combination of people, events and so on and called it a night.


The very next day, right about when he was about to take a nap he was inspired to get up, post a Craigslist ad with the pictures he already had and the price the car asked for: $2700.

The next 3 hours went by pretty fast … no way for him to take a nap! The phone kept ringing and in less than 3 hours since he posted the add, the car was out of the garage and the cash in Michael’s pocket!

Happy ending for everyone!

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