Immigrating from Romania to the USA with my sexy American husband has been a thrill and a challenge at the same time, on many levels. Interestingly enough, I was called to Oregon where I discovered nature similar to Romania… similar and different, yes!

Happily settled in Portland, Oregon area, my home country called… it called clearly in conversations with my mother, missing friends or food… at some point, I was aware the land of Romania was calling for me.

Now, maybe you know this or not, but from a medical doctor I became an intuitive healer, and from there I chose to study geology and geophysics. There was no formal study of ghosts, or I would’ve gotten into that as well. Yes, I do know entities in all forms.

What medicine and healing have to do with Geology

wasn’t obvious to me either … Other than I aways loved outdoors, I loved hugging trees and wanted to be in nature. In studying Geology, I would find myself in tears witnessing the beauty of Earth, in all dimensions, from micro to Galaxy

Well, as I decided to travel back to Romania to see mom, family, and friends, something else happened: I got some discomfort in my legs!
As someone with a pretty balanced body (except for oscillating weight) pain is a rare occurrence for me.
The Earth day comes, I participate in a gathering trading an Access Consciousness body process for Reconnecting with Earth … it felt so good for a bit… the pain in my legs was still there and growing!

For the last couple of days, the left knee started to shoot weird pains! Both feet were like Christ’s wounds! When walking the dog to the river, the pain would cease just a bit, and still growing daily. What is going on in my world?

Last night the knee pain kept me half awake through the night.

Such an opportunity for contemplation and communication beyond mind, when the body is sleeping, and my being is aware and awake!
I got how the land needs something from me… not only subconsciously, as I have been contributing, but consciously!!!

In my in-between state, I clearly knew that I have to take the to the edge of my awareness of connecting and contributing to the energies of the land, trees, and beings of the Earth to a fully conscious, intent and aware connection. That is an ability, and my body was signaling it to me.

My pain/intensity is the body knowing stuff I had not yet been aware of … my body… made of the same elements of the Earth!!! My body, the conscious ENTITY communicating with the entities of Earth was calling for my Being’s acknowledgment and conscious participation in sharing and gifting with the land!

As I woke up and went for a walk with the knee hurting and I came back soaked into the nature, land, lost entities of cut down trees on the streets, the hills transformed … aware and awake to the contribution that I be to the Land and knee pain-free!

Does the Earth have the ability to balance itself? Definitely, yes! Does our contribution to it assist in a smooth for the human race balancing of the Earth? For sure! Humans are the biggest disruption and also the greatest gift to the planet!

The Earth gifts us with EVERYTHING from body elements to clothes, food, shelter, energy and so on…how do we contribute to it? What if walking on it consciously amplifies the contribution 1000 times? What if acknowledging the little sparkles, the entities and energies and being willing to be open and available to share with the Earth is a gift we can give to the land and to ourselves too? The side effect is the beauty and balances the nature offers us.

How many of your pains are your body’s way of calling for your attention and awareness?

Does your land, house, office entities and energies require balancing? What can you do to assist? What can I do to assist?