House Clearing – energies, entities and attachments


This session is more of a one-on-one workshop.

Find out what you desire, what your place requires and how to get the most of your property, whether you sell it, rent it, or get happy to continue your relationship with it!

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  • We will clear your attachments (cutting the strings, keeping the memories, though)
  • You will learn how to tap into YOUR KNOWING on what would expand your life and reality THE MOST, in regards to selling your property
  • Clear the sticky points of view, considerations, judgments, computations, expectations, rejections in regards to what was, is, is suppose to be, was not suppose to be, it should be, it shouldn’t be and so on, helping you to get clarity, to see beyond you could not see blinded by all of that stuff…
  • I’ll clear the energies and entities that are not helpful
  • You will connect with the essence of your property, to find out who it wants to “own” next (funny, eh? Who’s working to maintain who? Who owns who?). Your property can connect with the next person it wants next, with your help. It’s easy and effective
  • We will check the price the property will sell for … sometimes it could be way different than you expected