So here you are, creating something…

By definition, that creation is an entity!

Now some of you might know that I’m a Talk To The Entities™ Certified Facilitator as seen here

Some of you might not know … anyway, today I was chatting with one of my dear creations,

2018 Full Transylvanian Talk To The Entities™ Halloween Experience

and WOW, was that a game changer!!!!

I have chosen a while ago LIGHTNESS as target for my business… somehow it happens that a creation starts high and as time go by, if you’re not contributing to it’s consciousness with Questions (the “Consciousness Enhancer”), it gets into a form that ceases to grow… kinda dies on you.

Well, today I was playing with my creation and realized it had potential and expansion to it! I could let it die or take it a notch further 😀

I started asking questions, perceiving what it requires of me, allowing it to BE and ask OF me!

The expansion that it produced in my world is to be yet seen, but the lightness and the joy that it gave me instantaneously healed… me, the Earth… and what else?

The Full Transylvanian Experience will be open on Hallowing to ALL people interested in the spirit world!

What can we Clear, Communicate and Receive with the Talk To The Entities™?

What else is possible?

Here’s the enlightened me 😛 We’ll be doing this next year, so make sure you get on my list 😀

Pardon my English… I’m so excited!